LVJB Announcements

The Annual Voter Registration Canvass is underway.

Ensure you are registered to vote at future elections by completing and returning the Household Enquiry Form (HEF).

If your details are correct it is quick and easy to confirm using the freephone service. The online service can be used if you would like to make any changes.

Remember if you are not on the Electoral Register it may affect your ability to obtain credit.

If you require assistance please telephone 0800 030 4333

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Our website provides information about the Assessor and Electoral Registration Officer, the Valuation Roll, Council Tax Valuation List and Electoral Register for the areas covered by North and South Lanarkshire Councils. You will also find information about the Valuation Joint Board and its membership.

Non-domestic Rating

Information about Net Annual and Rateable Values, the Valuation Roll and appeals against entries in the Valuation Roll.

Council Tax

Information about Council Tax Bandings, Valuation Lists and Appeals against Bandings.

Electoral Registration

Information about the Electoral Registration Officer, the Register of Electors and the Electoral Registration process.