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Electoral Registration

Voting by Post or by Proxy

The Electoral Registration Officer also maintains a list of people who are entitled to vote by post or by proxy. This is known as the Absent Voters' List.

Postal voting is available to anyone, whatever the circumstances. See "related downloads" for a list of forms from which you may select a postal voting application form. Please note that the form must be printed out, completed and signed, and then posted or delivered to the ERO.

On 31 October 2023 the way you apply for a postal vote changed.

You are now required to make separate applications to vote by post in both UK Parliament and Scottish Elections.

  • For UK Parliament Elections: the easiest way is to apply online at
  • For Scottish Elections: you will need to complete a paper form (please use link to download a form).

If you are unable to go online to apply for a UK Parliament postal vote, you can use a paper form to apply for both UK Parliament and Scottish Elections postal votes (please use link to download a combined form).

It is important that you read the guidance on the form before completing and returning it.

If you are having any difficulties with the completion of the form or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Electoral Registration Officer using the details below.

Electoral Registration Officer for Lanarkshire
David Dale House
45 John Street
G72 0AA

Email –

Tel: 0800 030 4333

You can find more about postal voting at

Please consider when applying for a postal vote the timing of the postal ballot paper issue.  For example, if you are applying because you will be on holiday on Polling Day you will also need to consider if you will be at your home address to receive your postal ballot paper.  Nominating a proxy may be a better option if you are applying close to the deadline.

Long-term proxy voting is available to people who cannot reasonably be expected to attend their polling station at elections if for example:

  • they suffer from a physical incapacity, or
  • their employment duties take them away from home, or
  • their attendance on a course of study takes them away from home, or
  • they are registered as an overseas elector or serving overseas in the Armed Forces.

For more information and to download a permanent proxy application, and in some cases apply online, please go to the Electoral Commission website at

Temporary proxy voting is available to people who cannot reasonably be expected to attend their polling station at elections because they will be away from home temporarily on the date of the election.

An elector's nominated proxy must be individually registered or they cannot vote on the elector's behalf.

Your personal identifiers will be stored securely. Each time you vote by post, your signature and date of birth provided on the postal voting statement may be checked by the Returning Officer against these identifiers, to ensure your postal vote remains secure.