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Electoral Registration

Annual Canvass

The annual canvass of electors begins early July. 

The ERO will issue a form or letter to all households containing the names currently on the register at that address.  The communication will indicate if a response is required or not. Only respond if required to do so.

When households receive the communication it is essential residents check that their details are correct, and respond if required as soon as possible. Everyone who lives in Scotland and is 14 or over can now register to vote. 

If a response is required, households are encouraged to use the text, freephone or internet, or the online facility at The use of these services not only makes confirming details easier, it also saves on council money compared to the costs of returning the paper form through the post. Reminders will be issued to those properties who do not respond and are required to do so, and further email reminders will be issued where an email address has previously been provided.  Where a response is required, households which have not responded to their canvass form will be part of the door to door canvass excercise which will run until September/October.

The canvass is looking to capture the details of all eligible residents including foreign nationals who reside in the area, as well as young persons, with those who are 14 years old and over being requested to register. Residents are also being reminded that credit reference agencies use the electoral register as a check when assessing credit applications. Therefore if people are not on the register, their ability to access credit may be affected. 

Please note that a fine up to £1000 may be imposed for failing to supply the information. 

Residents are advised that if they have any queries with the form, they should contact the Lanarkshire Electoral Registration office on freephone 0800 030 4333.