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Electoral Registration

Overseas Electors

British citizens resident abroad can register to vote by means of an Overseas Elector's Declaration, provided that on the date the Declaration is made:

  • they are not subject to any legal incapacity to vote.
  • they were once registered to vote in the UK and less than 15 years. have elapsed since the Register they were last included on was in force.
  • a parent or guardian was so registered, if the applicant was too young to register to vote at the time.

An overseas elector can vote by post or proxy.

The Declaration lasts for 12 months and then lapses if not renewed by the elector. The ERO is obliged to send a reminder and a new application form to the elector between 9 and 10 months from the date on which the entry on the Register took effect.

Application forms are available at the downloads link below or can be completed online at